Landon Swan
Birth Date: February 15, 2000

Birth Place: Jupiter, FL

Current Living in: Tequesta, FL

Years Skating: 4

Sponsors: Hurricane Grill & Wings

Favorite Spot to Skate: Skatepark of Tampa, any place I won’t get in big trouble!

Goals: To go Pro, to help anyone who wants to skate find a board!

What do you like to do when you're not Skating: Go on the computer.

Favorite song to get you pumped for Skating: Anything! Any good music will do!

Favorite food to grind at HG&W: Wings with a side of ranch dressing

Wings - Spicy or Mild: Mild

Favorite Skater: Torey Pudwill because he is a great street skater.

Favorite Skate Video: Torey Pudwill - Battle Commander at the Berrics

Best Maneuver/Trick: Laser Flip

If a Hurricane stranded you on a tropical island what are the three things you wish you could have from home: Battery operated TV, comfy couch, and of course, my skateboard (I’d figure out a way to skate!).

Who would you most like to meet and why: Torey Pudwill because he is so awesome and I would love to skate with him!

One place you haven't been but would like to Skate: Los Angeles

Last Words: That’s Life!

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